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Popular Science: A Fashion Geek Release Party

Today, features photos from the release party for my book, Fashion Geek. Stuart Fox says, “Is that a circuit in your pocket, or are you just really into my conductive threads?”

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Popular Science: Fashion Nerd, A Whole New Kind of DIY

On today I had a nice interview with Stuart Fox. My favorite part of the interview was about getting girls interested in technology: Most of the clothing and accessories in the book are for women. Was that a conscious choice? Did you deliberately try to use the book to help get girls interested […]

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Fashion Geek Video

Bre Pettis made this awesome video of the Fashion Geek: Clothes, Accessories, Tech fashion presentation from March 19th.

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The Fashion Show

Was last night. Now I am super tired. More to come tomorrow!

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CNET: Diana Eng's DIY guide to geek gorgeous

Today on CNET, Leslie Katz reviews my book, Fashion Geek.

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Last minute LED prep. for dress

Thank god my Digi-Key order finally made it.  I’m making one last minute piece for my fashion show tomorrow using the flower embroidery pattern from page 121 in my book Fashion Geek: Clothes, Accessories, Tech. I tested light diffusion in the image above. I’m going to go with a light grey georgette instead of the […]

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Craftzine: Designing for Fashion Geek

Today I wrote a post for Craft Magazine about designing electronic fashion for my book, Fashion Geek.

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DIY Fashion Model Platforms

Everyone has seen models strut down the runway, but there are actually two types of fashions shows. The runway show, and the fashion presentation. A fashion presentation involves models posing on platforms. Usually new companies will have a fashion presentation during fashion week because it is cheaper. But this fashion week, in honor of the […]

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Model Call + MTV

Words of the Day: Model Call, Casting Models Today is the day to choose models, we have a model call to cast models for the show. But first is the problem of location. I’m a starving fashion designer who has a hacker space in Brooklyn but no studio in Manhattan. Models are classy girls who […]

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Fashion Geek Book Release Party Invitation

I just finished up the design for the release party invitation. The release party will have circuit bending DJ’s playing music on hacked electronics, and a fashion presentation of models posing and dancing to the music in clothing from Fashion Geek: Clothes, Accessories, Tech. It’s a recession and I am on a budget, so I […]

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