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NYCR Fashion Hacking Event, May 10th

I will be bringing a bit of Project Runway to my hacker group, NYC Resistor on May 10th when we host Fashion Hacking: Open Working Studio. Come and hack fashion with us. BYOC (bring your own clothes) and we’ll have the tailoring tools, sewing machines, conductive thread, LED’s, soldering irons, and the Laser Cutter to […]

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Craftzine's DIY Fashion: Reinventing Hosiery

Starting today I will be writing a DIY Fashion column for Craft magazine that shows how to follow runway trends on the cheap by making them yourself. My first article, DIY Fashion: Reinventing Hosiery, looks at styling hosiery for the summer drawing inspiration from Prada, Burberry, Gossip Girl, etc.. All of my DIY fashions are […]

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NPR: NYC Resistor Interview

My hacker group, NYC Resistor was interviewed on NPR’s the TakeAway this morning. It was fun having them stop by. I talked with them a bit about ham radio in their TakeAway video below. Photo Courtesy of Bre Pettis

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Today I am researching fractals to create patterns for jewelry.

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Dork Year Book

Today on dork year book: Diana Eng grew up to be a flash drive.

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Ham Radio: my geeky indulgence

Sometimes a girl just needs to get away from it all. And I enjoy a nice morning of making contacts on ham radio when the propagation is good. Like radio, ham radio has different frequencies on which you can talk to other ham radio operators. But you can direct where your radio signal goes. You […]

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