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Fairytale Fashion

Our latest Fairytale Fashion video is up on inflatables.

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Fairytale Fashion Episode 4

Here we are making designs from viewer feedback.

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Excited to be on CNN
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Join us at the Fairytale Fashion Design Lab

Please join us and to help design magical fashion fit for a fairytale at the Fairytale Fashion Design Lab at Eyebeam Open Studios. There will be hands on circuits, accelerometers, and deployable structures to experiment with and tools to draw and design. We will use technology to turn make-believe into reality.

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Fairytale Fashion Episode 3 is up!

Please comment at

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Yahoo Open Hackday NYC

Friday night at 10 pm I stopped by Yahoo Open Hackday to say hi to friends and go out for drinks. Open Hackday is a competition where hackers are given 24 hours to hack Yahoo applications. At 1 am, Alicia Gibb and I were at a bar and decided it would be fun to make […]

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Fairytale Fashion: Biomimetic Deployable Structures

The first week of Fairytale Fashion. Please participate by submitting design question answers to

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Getting Started with Fairytale Fashion

I’ve been practicing with web video in previous posts to get my Fairytale Fashion project going. I’m still figuring out some of the challenges like the audio. And looking for a video intern. The full site should be up on Monday. Weekly episodes will be going up every Monday. I’m starting next week with […]

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