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Conductive Materials: Playing with Drawdio

This week on Fairytale Fashion, we play with different conductive materials to create closed circuits using Drawdio. We add fabric to the equation and start thinking about creating open and closed circuits using the human body, and embroidered conductive thread. Answer the design question on

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Good Day New York

This morning Hillary Mason and I were on Good Day New York spreading the good word about hackers. FoxNY shows that we are helpful hackers, not harmful hackers

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Fairytale Fashion Visit to MIT Media Lab

We are starting to work with electronics. What better way to explore the possibilities of what can be made with electronics than a trip to the MIT Media Lab. We got to visit the Karen Brennan at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group and Leah Buechley of High-Low Tech Group. That had some really neat projects like […]

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