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I'm in World Radio Magazine

My first ham radio press interview on page 18 in World Radio Magazine. I always feel extra proud of my ham radio achievements because I work twice as hard to get them since I only have a fashion design background. screenshot courtesy of 88 de KC2UHB

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Getting ready for Fairytale Fashion Runway Show

All of the Fairytale Fashion videos are finished and now we are getting ready for Fairytale Fashion Runway Show on Feb. 24th. Things are busy, busy. Yesterday morning I interviewed with The Business Insider. Then I met with Peter Kirn and am very excited that he will be putting together a circuit bending orchestra for […]

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Mathematics in Fairytale Fashion Videos

Back from the Holidays, here are the last two Fairytale Fashion videos on Mathematics. We’ve started working with classrooms which is quite exciting. And we are preparing for our big fashion show on Feb. 23. If you have a class that would like to participate, contact me!

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