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Fairytale Fashion on ABC News

In April the Fairytale Fashion Show made it on ABC News. You can view the clip here.

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Fairytale Fashion Show in the Atlantic

There is a nice article about fashion and technology in this month’s Atlantic which talks about the Fairytale Fashion Show: “On a Wednesday night in February, one week after fashion’s biggest names descended on New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, techy designer Diana Eng’s models were strutting a different kind of stuff: the Twinkle Dress, […]

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iPhone Charger for Hams

My OM, Dave Clausen created the Minty Buck, to charge his iphone while out on ham hikes. The Minty Buck charges up his iphone from his radio’s 12V NiMH rechargeable pack. Read more at

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Make: Online, Collapsible Fabric Yagi Antenna

I just finished up my project, Collapsible Fabric Yagi Antenna for Make: Online. You can learn how to make one for yourself on the website. A lot of people have been asking about my fabric color choices. I was inspired by the bright colors of Japanese hip hop clothing company Bathing Ape, and Kid Robot. […]

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