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Fairytale Fashion on Radar TV

Radar made a great video of the Fairytale Fashion project. They captured some really beautiful shots and showed some of the work behind the collection. It’s always crazy behind the scenes. We filmed this whole video in one day at three different locations! There was a video crew of about 8 folks, 2 photographers, a […]

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Mini success!

Finally, I met with a nice vendor who makes really high quality components for companies ranging from Michael Kors to Disney! They even sent me back to my office with a huge library of components. And I have a very promising appointment with a leather supplier tomorrow, and some appointments later in the week. Things […]

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Trade show trade offs

Image courtesy of A few weeks ago I hit the fashion trade shows (Texworld and Premiere Vision) to start the search for components. I had a really discouraging time. It turns out that when you tell manufacturers that you want to put electronics in clothes, some of them A. think you are crazy and […]

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Step 1: Building a components library

It’s time to start designing from the ground up. For a fashion designer that means finding vendors who will supply the zippers, snaps, rivets, toggles, buttons, etc.. Designers usually deal directly with the manufacturer or with an agent who represents different factories. Today there are very few American based vendors, most are overseas (wish I […]

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Fashion w/tech or fashion w/o tech, it's about design

When I was on Project Runway there was a “clothes off your back” challenge where you had to make a new outfit out of everything that you were wearing. We were all wearing wireless microphones and I wanted to hack mine and put it in my garment. This prompted a discussion with Tim Gunn over […]

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Can DIY places be designer spaces?

I love my hacker space NYC Resistor. It’s very grassroots, full of energy. Working at Resistor is what I imagine working in the garage where the computer was invented would have been like. But as I am getting serious about selling my designer fashion line, I was having trouble getting in the right mindset. In […]

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