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Fabric Deployable Structures Workshop

Here are some photos from the Fabric Deployable Structures workshop that I taught for the Colab Summer Workshop Series. We spent the morning doing paper shapes exploration based on Miura Ori research from Julian Vincent and University of Bath. I feel that with this sort of exploration it is most satisfying to discover your own […]

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Colab Summer Workshop Series

This week in New Zealand I have been teaching workshops for the Colab Summer Workshop Series. I taught an inflatables workshop, an EL wire workshop, a fabric deployable structures workshop, and a sewing soft circuits workshop. Below are some images from the EL wire and sewing soft circuits workshop. I’ll post some photos from the […]

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New Zealand- St Paul st Gallery Exhibit

Greetings from New Zealand where my first solo exhibit, TechStyle opened earlier this week at the ST PAUL St. Gallery. I am here for an artist residency through Colab (similar only in name to Collab the shared studio space I work from in NYC). Stop by to see the exhibit, or make a reservation to […]

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Arrived at CES

Getting electronic garments to CES’s FashionWare fashion show across the United States is a challenge. The garments are made out of hand sewn silk chiffon and shipping them in a box where they would be tousled and folded for days would ruin them. On the other hand bringing homebrew electronics that are duct taped into […]

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