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3-D scanning, glamor shots of the future?

I’m not one for glamor shots. But I discovered my narcissistic side when Jonathan Monaghan resident artist at MakerBot 3-D scanned me for their “New York Notables” event… and then was kind enough let me get 3-D scanned again. Scan with hair up, scan with hair down, scan with glasses, I even tried to curl […]

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Buttons by Katherine Moon

Thank you nice customers who have been pre-ordering Laser Lace Tees and Tops! As a special surprise, artist Katherine Moon designed a trio of buttons for me to give away with all of my pre-orders. We just sent the art off to the button making factory, but here’s a photoshop rendering of what they will […]

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Laser Lace Inspiration

I am excited to be launching my new mini collection of Laser Lace Tees and Tops. The idea for this collection started with the book Bossypants, where Tina Fey writes: Don’t wear what fashion designers tell you to wear. Wear what they wear. and then shares her love of comfortable clothes. I could relate. I […]

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