3-D scanning, glamor shots of the future?

I’m not one for glamor shots. But I discovered my narcissistic side when Jonathan Monaghan resident artist at MakerBot 3-D scanned me for their “New York Notables” event… and then was kind enough let me get 3-D scanned again. Scan with hair up, scan with hair down, scan with glasses, I even tried to curl up into a little ball so that my whole body would fit in the scanning area.

Here’s a phone video of me getting scanned courtesy of George Shammas. I think it’s like when they used to take old photographs, you had to sit still for a really long exposure and you only got a photo taken once or twice during your lifetime. Black colors don’t scan so I am covered in corn starch. The scans have lots of noise and don’t come out perfect (there’s extra little pieces everywhere and some empty spots as you can see in the image above. Jonathan cleaned up a 3-d model/scan of me with ponytail which you can download from Thingiverse.com and you can download my intern, Kristin. Below, I am printed on a MakerBot.

Thanks MakerBot and Jonathan for making a 3-d record of me the Summer of 2011. I plan to show the scan to my grand kids so they make fun of how dated I will look.

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