Buttons by Katherine Moon

Thank you nice customers who have been pre-ordering Laser Lace Tees and Tops! As a special surprise, artist Katherine Moon designed a trio of buttons for me to give away with all of my pre-orders. We just sent the art off to the button making factory, but here’s a photoshop rendering of what they will look like.

Katherine is one of my favorite artists. She loves to collect photos of mushrooms, and they show up in a lot of her work, like this piece titled, “Stink Horn.”

Katherine says that she ironically loves hand drawn images, since there aren’t many in today’s digital age. She makes most of her art using the computer (including the above piece titled, “Cat’s-Meow”). Cat’s Meow was created from a scanned black and white painting, but Katherine says that she likes to draw her latest work directly on the computer using Painter 12 and Photoshop. I wonder if a tablet will soon replace her Moleskine and gel pens.

I love Katherine’s work and hope that you will enjoy her buttons.

By diana 0