Laser Lace Inspiration

I am excited to be launching my new mini collection of Laser Lace Tees and Tops. The idea for this collection started with the book Bossypants, where Tina Fey writes: Don’t wear what fashion designers tell you to wear. Wear what they wear. and then shares her love of comfortable clothes. I could relate. I love wearing t-shirts and jeans and don’t usually wear light up clothes with 140 volt circuits. But t-shirts and jeans aren’t really design studio appropriate. So I decided to distress a bunch of T-shirts in lace patterns. The laser was a perfect solution to creating precision lace patterns coupled with techniques found through A LOT of experimentation to properly distress and stabilize the lace.

Photos of the Glass Flower Collection from Harvard Museum of Natural History

However, when t-shirts are worn, the patterns are stretched out, so I looked at floral anatomy and botanical cells for inspiration. The cells create a structure that is similar to the stretching patterns of the shirt. Since the anatomy is from flowers, it still adds a femininity to the designs.

Cross-section of a dicot root with fragments of lateral roots originating at the pericycle.
courtesy of Flickr’s BlueRidgeKitties and Carolina Biologicals

Cross-section of a dicot root with a lateral root breaking through the epidermis.
courtesy of Flickr’s BlueRidgeKitties and Carolina Biologicals

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    These are absolutely beautiful. I love the organic feel and the technique. Innovative and visually appetizing!