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Jack Frost Scarf Demo

Here’s a quick little video to demonstrate the Jack Frost Scarf in action. It’s not cold enough in NYC to demo it outside, so I used an ice tray. You can buy a scarf in our shop.

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programming fibonacci knit scarf

It took me three years to perfect the Fibonacci Scarf pattern, and it takes hundreds of hours to hand knit one scarf. So I brought my Fibonacci Scarf pattern to the Textile Design Lab (TDL) in New Zealand to see if they would be able to manufacture them. They were able to program my design […]

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Laser Lace Photo Shoot

I’m getting ready for my next photo shoot and realized I forgot to post photos from the last one. So here’s a look back at our Laser Lace photo shoot: When fashion photographer (and friend) Ricardo Louis and I were walking around Prospect Park scouting a location for our photo shoot, we decided to leave […]

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