Special edition golden cookies

Surprisingly there aren’t a lot of leather remnants that are fortune cookie colored. So we make monthly trips around the garment district to pick out leather and keep it in storage for our next run of cookies. While we hit the usual wholesale leather stores, we’ve also found a few dealers who resell leather remnants from furniture companies and apparel companies. It literally feels like we are in the trenches sometimes, up to our elbows in leather and screaming and haggling with the dealers.

During our many trips of 2011, we’ve found some golden remnants here and there. So we decided to make some limited edition Holiday Gold Fortune Cookie Coin Purses.

We ran out of our satin ribbon fortunes, so our friend, Tyler Denoff printed some more for us. Above is a look at how they are made.

By diana 1

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  1. Deepa
    Posted January 3, 2012 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

    Hi Diana! I’m watching you on Project Runway (watching old episodes online, obviously) and just saw you get eliminated, much to my chagrin. I think unfortunately Project Runway wasn’t the best platform for your style to come through, but this idea is the simplest, coolest fashion idea I’ve seen in a long time – “holds a small fortune”! love it! – and I so admire how you’ve stayed true to your innovative spirit. You are AWESOME. Keep it up.