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Studio Tour

Here’s a peek into our design studio. As you can see, I am a fan of the 3ft tall mood/design board with real life objects pinned to it. You can only get so much out of a picture. We work from a shared studio space. We have a private office but share dedicated rooms, like […]

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Vintage trim and bead hunting

Yesterday we left the studio in search of vintage trim for a new secret project. We rolled up our sleeves and went through stacks and stacks of boxes in search of the perfect findings. Here is Diana navigating through the vintage bangle jungle: Stay tuned for the release of this project…we will definitely keep you […]

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We like things that look like other things

Diana brought in some homemade mini apple flower tartlets. I thought it was funny, because she likes to make things that look like other things ( fortune cookie coin purse and ladybug pins)! So we decided to put them all together and snap a few photos.

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Pretty Trash

Here at our self-proclaimed world’s cutest research lab we throw lots of things away, because honestly most of our tests don’t work out. All of our fails are actually wins, because every wrong answer goes towards figuring out the right solutions for our designs. Some of our trash is actually kind of pretty. Above are […]

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Ladybug inspired mani

We decided to create a manicure that was inspired by the ladybug’s classic “outfit”, polka dots! Check out how we mimic some of our favorite color combos from species in our ladybug pin collection. Start off by painting your nails with a base clear coat, followed by a layer of the base color. After these […]

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Making Ladybug Pins

Say “Hi” to my ladybug pins. Here’s the story about how they are made. I wanted the ladybug pins to look as realistic as possible so I started out with specimens of real ladybugs. An expert jewelry maker in the New York City jewelry district made a mold of the specimens and created red wax […]

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