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Designing Farfalle Packaging

I’m working on designing the new Farfalle necklace packaging. I want the boxes to be reminiscent of pasta/food packaging. I’m the type of designer who likes to make a lot of iterations so that I can see what the different possibilites will look like (as you can see from my cut paper samples). I went […]

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Bow tie Pasta Necklace Facebook Giveaway!

Diana wear testing our new design, photo courtesy of our friend Bill Ward We’re getting ready to launch a new collection of Farfalle (bow tie pasta) necklaces. Inspired by hand painted pasta that have been popping up on pinterest, we want to bring the fun of macaroni necklaces to fine jewelry. Help us decide which […]

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Guys like Ladybug Pins

There are a lot of guys sporting ladybug pins so we’ve decided to add a picture of Jimmy all pinned up to our shop page. We did a quick shoot with our photographer friend Ricardo Louis. Jimmy didn’t get much hair and make-up. But if you take a close look at the photos above and […]

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