Vintage Red Czech Glass Bead Necklace

I found the Vintage Red Czech Glass Bead Necklace while searching through unsold vintage inventory in the NYC Garment District. I was actually looking for supplies for a different project, but I saw these necklaces under dusty piles of boxes wrapped in tissue paper. The necklaces were so pretty I thought it was really sad that they had never been worn and figured why not now?

Though the vintage bright red of the necklaces is what attracted me to them, some of the bead styles were too dated for 2012. We carefully sorted through to find “up to date” vintage styles and wound up with six which I have named: diamond, stella, nugget, small pearl, large pearl, and oval.

The necklaces required a bit of cleaning. We tried to keep the original brass clasps but wound up replacing ones that were too tarnished.

I was worried that the strings might not be durable since the necklaces are vintage. So I wore my necklace on a 4 week trip through Asia where it was really abused. It held up marvelously!

The Vintage Red Czech Glass Bead Necklace is now for sale in our shop.

By diana 0