Click@MoMA Wearable Technology Class (belated post)

Back in February-April I taught a wearable technology class at the Museum of Modern Art’s Click@MoMA program through Eyebeam. We went on private tours through the galleries to view famous works of art and use them as inspiration to create wearable technology.

We started the first day by sewing a giant wearable circuit that connected all of the students in the class. When everyone was connected the circuit buzzed. The photo above is the students cheering after hearing the buzzing of their working circuit.

Next, the students created video dresses.  We discussed about how impressionist painters used color and pattern to convey mood and season. Then the students captured video of colors and patterns in artworks in the MoMA galleries with flip cameras.

The students edited the videos which became the color and pattern of their video dresses.

Back in the MoMA galleries we discussed how shape can influence perception like the dynamic movement they can  add to the human form.

Or how the simple squares of Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie show the rhythm, movement, and lights of Time Square.

Then we created our own shapes to augment the human form using inflatables.

The students created final projects based on our class experiments, and we had a photo shoot with photographer Ricardo Louis, make-up artist Jessica Jade Jacob, hair stylist Sharmeen Azmudah, and model Brooke Kosinski Click Model Agency.

The photos above and final projects were displayed at the class exhibit at MoMA from April- May 2012. Click@MoMA was a 10 class weekly after school program for high school students. See more photos on our class facebook page.

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    Really admire all the work you do with young people – helping to unlock their creative potential. :)
    You’re doing a ton of good!