Making Farfalle with Lost Wax Process

Even though I am not making the Farfalle necklaces start to finish, the Farfalle are made by manufacturers in NYC who are much better at making jewelry than I could hope to be. Here’s a look at one of my manufactures located in the NYC jewelry district, a family business whose skills were passed down from grandfather to father to two sons.

The Farfalle is created using the lost wax process, which means that each piece still receives a lot of individual attention. Every Farfalle will be a little different and have its own character. Above, a Farfalle is born as a wax piece injected into a mold.

After the wax is removed, it is cleaned up and retouched a bit.

The waxes are then made into a tree.

The wax trees are placed in metal cylinder flasks. The flasks are filled with “investment” which is a material similar to the plaster used for a medical cast (like when you break your leg). The large bell jar picture above is lowered over the flasks to create a vacuum while the machine below shakes the flasks to eliminate air bubbles. The flasks are then left in a kiln overnight to allow the investment to harden. Then the wax is removed.

This machine heats brass and pours it into the flask. You can see the brass glowing bright orange.

Then the flask is carefully removed.

And allowed to cool. (The bright orange in the middle is the bottom base of the tree).

After the brass cools, the investment is broken away. You can see how the brass has replaced the wax tree. There’s still a lot of work that goes into cleaning the brass pieces, but that’s a different blog post. Farfalle Bowtie Pasta Necklaces are available in our shop.

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