Viewing sulfur yellow in a volcano (à la color forecast F/W 2012)

A couple of years ago trend forecasters at Premiere Vision said a highlighter neon yellow would be a big color for Fall/Winter 2012. I’ve been seeing this color for a while at American Apparel which didn’t mean much since they cater to hipsters. But when I walked into the Gap this holiday season and saw neon yellow everywhere I knew that the self-fulfilling trend forecast had come true! How much to I love this type of yellow?

I visited an abandoned sulfur mine situated in the center of a dormant volcano on White Island to view a super concentrated neon yellow, sulfur. Yes, I like to stare at colors and vacation to spots of geological interest.

My photos and your computer screen do not do sulfur yellow justice. Sulfur yellow looks kind of like a yellow highlighter. So if you imagine that you have a crayola paint set, there’s no way that you can mix the colors to get a yellow this vibrant.

Seeing this color in real life is kind of surreal, because it’s so vibrant, it looks unreal.

I’m still waiting for a wearable yellow that is so vibrant it looks unreal. But until then there are some great approximations for sale in stores now… and they don’t smell like rotten eggs.

By diana 4


  1. geoff
    Posted January 4, 2013 at 6:03 pm | Permalink

    Hi. The same appealing pale yellow as elemental sulfur piles is found on Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’, a low-growing perennial. A great colour, I think.

    • Posted January 4, 2013 at 6:14 pm | Permalink

      ooo, thanks! I will check them out, may be useful for a future project :)

  2. Brooke L.
    Posted January 5, 2013 at 8:42 pm | Permalink

    I’m so excited to see sulfur-coloured shirts!

    If you ever visit Vancouver, BC, there are enormous piles of sulfur at the port, easily visible from downtown and from tourist-spot Stanley Park, no hard-hat required! I’ve been trying for years to get the colour to come out right in photographs, but of course it always falls short of the real thing. (One of many attempts…)

    Lots of movies and TV shows film here, and there have been a couple that have used the giant sulfur piles as settings – an alien planet in Stargate SG-1 and a surreal fight scene in the Highlander TV series, and probably others.

  3. Brooke L.
    Posted January 5, 2013 at 8:44 pm | Permalink

    (oops, that one didn’t have the correct link)