The Brand

Greetings from the world’s cutest research lab! We are dedicated to inventing new ways to make things pretty. From our laser distressed lace tees to our frost inspired scarves created with thermochromatic snowflakes that grow in cold temperatures, our designs are made special through touches of science and technology.

These special touches cannot be mass produced and are added by myself or artists in my design studio. Since they are experimental, we rigorously wear test and development designs to create products that you can have, hold, wear, and sometimes machine wash! I like to think of our designs as little pieces of experimental wearable art.

I keep my company small and close to heart. Most of our creations are designed and manufactured in New York City. We partner with manufacturers in the garment district and jewelry district then add finishing touches from our shared studio space in Soho, using fun in house toys: laser cutter, 3-D printer, large format digital printer, 4 color screen printer, pad printer, heat press, and industrial sewing machines. Finally our orders are filled shipped from Florida by my mom and her friends. From start to finish my designs are handled with love and care to create something special to wear.