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Diana’s Desk

We’re so so close to releasing our new Farfalle necklaces. In fact, this is what my desk looks like. It’s full of bowtie pastas in all stages of creation. And there are some lingering prototypes as well (right of above photo). Hope we get to launching them soon! Update: And they’re here, shop.

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Vintage Red Czech Glass Bead Necklace

I found the Vintage Red Czech Glass Bead Necklace while searching through unsold vintage inventory in the NYC Garment District. I was actually looking for supplies for a different project, but I saw these necklaces under dusty piles of boxes wrapped in tissue paper. The necklaces were so pretty I thought it was really sad that […]

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Hi, it’s Friday!

This is how I feel today. There’s a reason NYC company’s have summer Fridays. It’s a little rainy outside, you just want to play hookie and go to the museum. Or get an early start on your way out to Fire Island for the weekend. I haven’t had a summer Friday since I started my […]

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On the Red Carpet at Project Runway’s 10th Anniversary Party

I wore my new Farfalle necklace and my wedding dress on the red carpet last night at the Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party. I’m all for recycling dresses because it’s nice for the environment and nice for the dress to be enjoyed more than once. It’s been 7 years since I was on Project Runway […]

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Linda Magazine + Bild am Sonntag

We’re excited with our recent international press. Our Ladybug Pins are featured in Holland’s July issue of Linda Magazine (page 15). And our Fortune Cookie Coin Purse was in Germany’s Sunday paper Bild am Sonntag. If anyone can read the write ups, please let us know what they say in English!

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Designing Farfalle Packaging

I’m working on designing the new Farfalle necklace packaging. I want the boxes to be reminiscent of pasta/food packaging. I’m the type of designer who likes to make a lot of iterations so that I can see what the different possibilites will look like (as you can see from my cut paper samples). I went […]

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Guys like Ladybug Pins

There are a lot of guys sporting ladybug pins so we’ve decided to add a picture of Jimmy all pinned up to our shop page. We did a quick shoot with our photographer friend Ricardo Louis. Jimmy didn’t get much hair and make-up. But if you take a close look at the photos above and […]

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Studio Tour

Here’s a peek into our design studio. As you can see, I am a fan of the 3ft tall mood/design board with real life objects pinned to it. You can only get so much out of a picture. We work from a shared studio space. We have a private office but share dedicated rooms, like […]

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Pretty Trash

Here at our self-proclaimed world’s cutest research lab we throw lots of things away, because honestly most of our tests don’t work out. All of our fails are actually wins, because every wrong answer goes towards figuring out the right solutions for our designs. Some of our trash is actually kind of pretty. Above are […]

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Making Ladybug Pins

Say “Hi” to my ladybug pins. Here’s the story about how they are made. I wanted the ladybug pins to look as realistic as possible so I started out with specimens of real ladybugs. An expert jewelry maker in the New York City jewelry district made a mold of the specimens and created red wax […]

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