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Viewing sulfur yellow in a volcano (à la color forecast F/W 2012)

A couple of years ago trend forecasters at Premiere Vision said a highlighter neon yellow would be a big color for Fall/Winter 2012. I’ve been seeing this color for a while at American Apparel which didn’t mean much since they cater to hipsters. But when I walked into the Gap this holiday season and saw […]

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Hacking Chanel Ballerina Nail Polish

We had some leftover Retroreflective material from our scarf experiments plus an annual pedicure date with NYC Resistor. The nail polish works well on its own, but not well with top coat. I guess the top coat interferes with the Retroreflective lenses.

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Ways to wear Retroreflective Scarf

I had a lot of fun styling our new Retroreflective Scarf on our models to show all of the different ways your can wear them. Our style inspiration for RED model Rafael was Clark Kent meets Buddy Holly.  

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Click@MoMA Wearable Technology Class (belated post)

Back in February-April I taught a wearable technology class at the Museum of Modern Art’s Click@MoMA program through Eyebeam. We went on private tours through the galleries to view famous works of art and use them as inspiration to create wearable technology. We started the first day by sewing a giant wearable circuit that connected all […]

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Guys like Ladybug Pins

There are a lot of guys sporting ladybug pins so we’ve decided to add a picture of Jimmy all pinned up to our shop page. We did a quick shoot with our photographer friend Ricardo Louis. Jimmy didn’t get much hair and make-up. But if you take a close look at the photos above and […]

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programming fibonacci knit scarf

It took me three years to perfect the Fibonacci Scarf pattern, and it takes hundreds of hours to hand knit one scarf. So I brought my Fibonacci Scarf pattern to the Textile Design Lab (TDL) in New Zealand to see if they would be able to manufacture them. They were able to program my design […]

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Trial and Error

I wanted to make the initial run of Fortune Cookie Coin Purses myself. So I made my own leather cutting machine by hacking together pieces from different professional cutting machines. The machine I made was difficult to operate, so I went to visit a professional cutter where I learned that the most efficient way to […]

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No animals harmed for this leather purse

While vinyl is eco friendly, I wanted to make my Fortune Cookie Coin Purses with real, high-grade leather . I decided to recycle remnant leather. But finding the leather was a big adventure and took months of finding pieces here and there. I feel like the cookies have different personalities, because each piece of leather […]

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Designing Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

Fortune Cookie Coin Purse was been in development for four months, here’s a look back at the first sketch, prototype, and dust bag mock up. I’ve been wanting to create a Fortune Cookie Coin Purse for years. I really studied the shape of the real cookie to get the angle of the cookie’s pinch just […]

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Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

I’m excited to launch my website with my first product, the Fortune Cookie Coin Purse. Fortune Cookie Coin Purse holds a small fortune. Like real fortune cookies, these purses are proudly made in the USA. Made from recycled leather, each purse has a unique number on it so you can track its origin. Purchase here […]

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