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Linda Magazine + Bild am Sonntag

We’re excited with our recent international press. Our Ladybug Pins are featured in Holland’s July issue of Linda Magazine (page 15). And our Fortune Cookie Coin Purse was in Germany’s Sunday paper Bild am Sonntag. If anyone can read the write ups, please let us know what they say in English!

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Special edition golden cookies

Surprisingly there aren’t a lot of leather remnants that are fortune cookie colored. So we make monthly trips around the garment district to pick out leather and keep it in storage for our next run of cookies. While we hit the usual wholesale leather stores, we’ve also found a few dealers who resell leather remnants […]

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Trial and Error

I wanted to make the initial run of Fortune Cookie Coin Purses myself. So I made my own leather cutting machine by hacking together pieces from different professional cutting machines. The machine I made was difficult to operate, so I went to visit a professional cutter where I learned that the most efficient way to […]

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No animals harmed for this leather purse

While vinyl is eco friendly, I wanted to make my Fortune Cookie Coin Purses with real, high-grade leather . I decided to recycle remnant leather. But finding the leather was a big adventure and took months of finding pieces here and there. I feel like the cookies have different personalities, because each piece of leather […]

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Designing Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

Fortune Cookie Coin Purse was been in development for four months, here’s a look back at the first sketch, prototype, and dust bag mock up. I’ve been wanting to create a Fortune Cookie Coin Purse for years. I really studied the shape of the real cookie to get the angle of the cookie’s pinch just […]

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Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

I’m excited to launch my website with my first product, the Fortune Cookie Coin Purse. Fortune Cookie Coin Purse holds a small fortune. Like real fortune cookies, these purses are proudly made in the USA. Made from recycled leather, each purse has a unique number on it so you can track its origin. Purchase here […]

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