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Make: Online, Collapsible Fabric Yagi Antenna

I just finished up my project, Collapsible Fabric Yagi Antenna for Make: Online. You can learn how to make one for yourself on the website. A lot of people have been asking about my fabric color choices. I was inspired by the bright colors of Japanese hip hop clothing company Bathing Ape, and Kid Robot. […]

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Make Magazine: Dayton Hamvention

Starting this week, I will be writing Ham Radio articles for .  My posts beging with coverage of my trip to Dayton’s Hamvention this past weekend. At the convention I started getting into vintage radios. WA3CEX had a awesome restored 1964 Collins Radio Company Communications Van.  Then I found a Heathkit Twoer in the […]

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Ham Radio: my geeky indulgence

Sometimes a girl just needs to get away from it all. And I enjoy a nice morning of making contacts on ham radio when the propagation is good. Like radio, ham radio has different frequencies on which you can talk to other ham radio operators. But you can direct where your radio signal goes. You […]

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