Laser Lace Tees and Tops Mini Collection
July 5, 2011
A small collection of laser distressed t-shirts and laser cut silk chiffon tops. Distressed clothes are better known for tattered strings and frayed edges than precise cuts. But the accurate targeting of a laser cutter adds a layer of techie nuance to a technique more often associated with unkempt style. The laser burns floral anatomy-inspired designs into fabrics that continue to distress and evolve as the shirts are worn.

photographer: RICARDO LOUIS
assistant: KRISTIN KOCH
T-shirts and tanks are my favorite tops for summer, but I wanted to create tees that were pretty enough to wear to work in my design studio. The laser offered the perfect solution to creating precision lace patterns. Laser Lace Tees and Tops were developed from months of careful research and development and wear testing. I worked very hard to make the tees machine washable because I thought it would be ridiculous to dry clean a t-shirt. Laser Lace Tees are created from a lightweight 100% cotton material that encourages distressing. However, a special treatment was development to stabilize the lace pattern creating a shirt that has a controlled distressed design, which evolves gradually as the shirts are worn.

I created the shirt designs around the quality and look of the t-shirt fabric after it went through the laser distressing process. I noticed that the fabric patterns became stretched out and sometimes looked completely different from the original laser cuts. So I looked at floral anatomy and botanical cells for design inspiration. The cells create a structure that is similar to the stretching patterns of the shirt. However, since the anatomy elements are from flowers, they still have a femininity to their designs. My inspiration images were gathered from the Harvard glass flower museum, microscope images of root cells, and Art Nouveau prints.

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