Farfalle Bowtie Pasta Necklace

Inspired by the macaroni necklaces you made as a child, these necklaces are cast from a mold of a real farfalle pasta. Farfalle are created with the lost wax process in brass and sterling silver and finished by hand. Each pasta is unique because it receives a lot of individual attention.

The brass bowties capture the texture of traditional brass molded pasta – a preferred choice of chefs and foodies because of the unique texture brass molding gives to the pasta allowing sauce to adhere better. Hand painted patterns inspired by painted farfalle on pinterest are available in enamel in Purple Speck, Red Dot, Lavender Stripe, Black Tie, and Teal Dot. For those with more refined taste we offer a polished sterling silver option.

Farfalle measure 1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″ and are proudly made by manufacturers in the NYC jewelry and garment districts. See one of our manufacturers making bowties.

Price: $50.00 Out of stock
Black Tie Enamel
Price: $60.00 Out of stock
Teal Dot Enamel
Price: $70.00 Out of stock
Purple Speck Enamel
Price: $75.00 Out of stock
Red Dot Enamel
Price: $75.00 Out of stock
Lavender Stripe Enamel
Price: $75.00 Out of stock
Sterling Silver
Price: $105.00 Out of stock
Replace the 16″ chain with a 20″ chain
Price: $10.00 Out of stock
Materials, Manufacturing and Care:

Brass or sterling silver. Enamel is hand painted by yours truly. 16″ removable Sterling Silver chain made in the USA. Clean brass with Brasso (available at most hardware stores). Clean silver with silver jewelry cleaning liquid.