Vintage Red Czech Glass Bead Necklace

Found by Diana Eng, these necklaces were uncovered from boxes of unsold inventory buried in a costume jewelry company’s warehouse in the NYC Garment District. Refurbished and inspected with care, each one is given a new and vibrant life. The glass beads offer a brighter, more intense red than the plastic beads commonly used in today’s costume jewelry.

One necklace comes packaged in a glassine envelope. Available in six styles and three lengths, choker (15.5 inches), princess (19 inches), and matinee (24 inches). View large images of bead styles on our blog.

Choker Length 15.5 Inches
Price: $20.00 Out of stock
Princess Length 19 Inches
Price: $25.00 Out of stock
Matinee Length 24 Inches
Price: $36.00 Out of stock

Vintage glass beads, brass components some original some new as needed.

photographs by Douglas Eng and Ricardo Louis